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Information on the Internet on just about any subject and product is almost endless, and can be very confusing. That's why I'm so pleased to share my "Valuable Resources" with you.

It's taken a long time to create these webpages, because so much research, time and careful consideration was necessary to make my decisions. For your convenience the links to all the "Valuable Resources" are at the top and bottom of each Resource page.

These links bring you to websites with information or products or services (or all three) that I highly recommend. Be sure to check all categories -- Health Information, Health Products, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth and Consciousness. Of course, since your body, mind, soul and spirit are all connected and interrelated and can't really be separated, any of the Valuable Resources you use will benefit and enhance your life.

Please read this page before going to the Valuable Resources pages of your choice.

Before you look for specific resources, I want to give you some facts about health, because if we don't have our health, many other things don't seem matter very much. Education and knowledge about health, and reliable sources to turn to, has never been more essential than it is today, which is why the Health Resources, both the information resources and product resources that I recommend, are so valuable.

Iatrogenic disease (resulting from drugs and medical care) is the 3rd leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer (between 100,000 to 225,000 deaths in the United States). It's compared to 10 jumbo jets crashing and killing all its passengers every day! And the US and other civilized countries rank far below other countries in health. Click here to see the shocking statistics. This is why each one of us must take responsibility for our health.

Since we are biochemical, as well as "energy" (or electrical) beings, what we eat, drink and breathe, and what we are exposed to from our environment, all have a great deal to do with our physical, mental and emotional health - regardless of our beliefs or how carefully we choose our thoughts.

The addition of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), hormones, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame (NutraSweet) and other sugar substitutes, unhealthy fat, pesticides and other chemicals in our food, make good nutrition extremely difficult. Toxins and chemicals in our water and air further compromise our health. Therefore, accurate health-related information is not only important, it can be life-saving...provided you put your knowledge to use, of course.

Many people take food supplements and expect them to make up for poor food quality. Not only is this a fallacy, something not generally known is that most supplements are synthetic, and are not the same as supplements made from whole food. Recently, I've received messages with the subject line: "Are your food supplements slowly killing you." The messages are about synthetic and fractionated vitamins.

Your body does not treat these as food because they are missing vital co-factors that are part of the vitamin complex. Those who promote synthetic supplements claim, "molecule for molecule they are identical to natural." But that is simply not true. Water can be made in a lab that is identical, molecule for molecule, to "real water;" however, fish cannot live in it. Keep this in mind when you choose your supplements. (NOTE: All supplements described and recommended on my websites are from FOOD, and are the same supplements that I and my family take.)

There are tens of thousands of health websites on the Internet with information, products or both.

Obviously, I haven't visited them all. The Health Information sites I recommend have been chosen for specific reasons, which are explained on About "Health Information" Resources.

Visit all the Valuable Resources by clicking the links below. Return to this section from time to time, as more may be added, or you may become interested in some that did not interest you previously. And please tell others!

Valuable Resources Main Page   Health Information   Health Products
Personal Growth   Spiritual Growth and Consciousness

These are your links for all Valuable Resources pages

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