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Anything that brings you peace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding -- whether information, products, devices, etc. -- automatically contributes to your personal growth.

So does anything that promotes a positive, optimistic attitude, and uplifts you emotionally. Interestingly, they also contribute to your health and spiritual growth.

Below are some of the best Personal Growth Resources.

Subliminal CDs to Reprogram Your Mind - This link brings you to the Valuable Resource that helps you reprogram your subconscious mind. There are over 130 CDs, and besides assisting you in personal growth, there are CDs to support your health, your success, your spiritual growth, and other areas of your life, as well. Click the links at the top of the webpage to see the CD titles, testimonials, ordering information and more.

Brainwave Technology CDs - This link brings you to my description of the Valuable Resource that uses a wonderful technology to "entrain your brain" and create positive new pathways in your brain. On this page you'll read about 2 of the CDs, and why I especially recommend them. You can go directly to the company website with this link where you will find out more about this excellent company and all their excellent products, and place your order.

Successful Relationships - Paul and Layne Cutright have created a unique system of relationships education that includes books and training modules on heart-centered communication, enlightened conflict resolution, emotional healing and well-being and more. This applies to all relationships, personal and professional. To know why this is such a Valuable Resource, click here and read the description on my site.

Concept-Therapy - This link leads to the profound and comprehensive philosophy of life that has been a major part of my life for many years, and always will be. I was both a student and instructor of this remarkable teaching. Concept-Therapy's advanced Phases, called "Conceptology," are for spiritual growth and expansion of Consciousness, so you'll also find Concept-Therapy on the Spiritual Growth and Consciousness Resources page. To understand why this is such a Valuable Resource, click here. Read my description and you'll be inspired to visit the site and learn more. Courses are given "live" in many locations, as well as on-line. The Concept-Therapy home is in a beautiful ranch in San Antonio, Texas, and taking a Course in this environment is a wonderful experience.

Healing Integrations - This is Dr. Denise Nadler's site. There is a wealth of valuable knowledge on her site, plus access to inspiring CDs of beautiful original music, composed and sung by Denise, under the name of Ariahna. Denise is my daughter, a chiropractor who specializes in body-mind healing, and a life-mastery mentor-coach who has developed numerous programs. She is also a Master Demartini Method Facilitator and the first teacher-trainer authorized to teach Dr. John Demartini's signature program "The Breakthrough Experience."

Peak Potentials - This link brings you to T. Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind Intensive." Request his Free Report and get a valuable gift. Harv uses "money" to introduce people to his work, but his programs are really for personal and spiritual growth. "Millionaire Mind Intensive" (MMI) is Harv's "signature" program. After MMI, you'll learn about the other trainings Peak Potentials offers. Click here to read about Peak Potentials on my site and you will know why I consider it such a valuable resource.

Joyce Barrie and Friends - This unique, up-beat radio show fits into all Valuable Resource categories. I chose "personal growth" because this is an inspiring show that motivates as it informs and educates you. It airs Monday-Friday, from 11:00AM-noon eastern, with different guests. It's a wonderful way to start your day! I'm the "health guru" on Thursdays and I speak about a different aspect of health -- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual - on each show. You can listen live on your computer or by phone. To learn more about the show, and why I highly recommend it, click here.

Vibrational Harmony - The Real Secret of Success, Health and Happiness - In simple, down-to-earth language, this book explains how the Universal and Mental laws, based on the laws of energy, govern every aspect of your life. It correlates and integrates ancient wisdom and philosophy with psychology and modern science. You will understand why your success, health and happiness depends upon your energy field, your "vibrations" - most of which come from your subconscious mind. Most importantly, you will learn a powerful technique to change your programming so that you are in "vibrational harmony" with your desires.

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Personal Growth   Spiritual Growth and Consciousness

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