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These sites have been chosen because of the exceptional health products I personally use and highly recommend. I refer to these specific products. However, once on the sites, you are free to explore all the products.

Alkaline Water Ionizers - This link goes to the article I wrote about ionized alkaline water. Because there is a great deal of controversy over the "best" water, I want you to have enough knowledge so you can make an informed decision. Some of the benefits of ionized water include, better hydration, better detoxification, better mineral absorption... and most importantly, an alkaline environment in your body. Why is that so important? Because bacteria, microbes (germs) and cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment!

There are even more health benefits, and they are described in my article. After you read it, click the "link" that takes you directly to the ionizers on the website of the company I recommend. They sell the finest quality and most reasonably priced water ionizers on the market - the same ones my family and I have been using for years. As you will learn when you read the article, many companies greatly overcharge for ionizers. While on that page, be sure to click the link to read some remarkable testimonials from customers using the ionizer I recommend.

Cell Phone and Other EMF Protection - In case you are not sure what these initials mean, EMR is Electromagnetic Radiation and EMF is Electromagnetic Frequencies.

This site has many health products, and I chose it as one of my most Valuable Resources because of the excellent, effective products that protect you from dangerous electromagnetic frequencies that, for many people (myself included), are incompatible with their human energy field. For these products, go to the Left Menu, and under Products, click on the 2nd link "New Products and Top Sellers."

For EMR and EMF protection I recommend ALL these products, especially the EMR cellphone blocker. I use them all, except the Microwave Oven Harmony Bricks. I don't use these because I got rid of our microwave oven years ago. I know many people love the convenience, so if you cook in a microwave these, bricks are vital to protecting your health. Click here to read why.

For additional beneficial products, including protection from your computer and the Internet, click on the 3rd link under "Products" - EMR and EMF protection. Scroll down to "Refrigerator eCrystal" (all products are listed in alphabetical order). This remarkable little crystal not only keeps your refrigerated food fresh much longer, it has many other uses. It's also the one protects you from harmful radiation from your computer and the Internet.

The vibrational frequencies from cell phones, computers, the Internet, high tension wires, microwave ovens, other household equipment, and other sources are detrimental to your health, some more than others. Click here to read what scientists say about the dangers. Also click the links on that page to other articles that give you more reasons to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation and frequencies. These have become major sources of environmental pollution and stress that lead to illness. And as more and more "apps" are added to our computers, ipads and phones, the problem continues to grow.

Microwave Oven Protection - This link takes you to the same company, above. I recommend that before you go to the site, you read my article. It explains some of the serous health dangers of cooking in microwave ovens, and why you want protection.

Special Natural Health and Wellness Products - This is the site of a Canadian company that offers easy-to-use hand-held devices that have wonderful health benefits. Our bodies are bio-chemical and electro-energetic in nature. Nutrition (food, herbs, etc.) facilitates health and healing for our biochemistry, while certain vibrational frequencies enhance health and healing electro-energetically.

These products use micro-currents and healthy vibrational frequencies to enhance relaxation, health and well-being...and a lot more. Click this link and find out why I am so enthusiastic about these unique, and very reasonably priced, health-enhancing equipment. You will also learn about the company's FREE Community that has extensive, rarely revealed health information...plus you will find out how to get a 10% discount when you order. A link to the site is on that page. By clicking the "product link" on the top menu, you'll see photos and read about all these unique products.

Oral Chelation Formulas - This link leads to the company I recommend for their excellent Oral Chelation formulas. Their website has links to the oral chelation products and other supplements, plus thousands of pages of information. (Yes, thousands!) Don't be confused. The link you want is reached by scrolling down to "Search Our Site" on the left side of the site, and then clicking #3 - "Oral Chelation and Heart Disease." Before you go to the site, please read the information below.

While multiple factors contribute to strokes and heart attacks -- including inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol and diabetes - another factor is years of daily exposure to dangerous toxins, especially heavy metals that cause free radicals and tissue damage and clog your arteries. Chelation therapy removes these toxins, and for many people, oral chelation is as effective as intravenous chelation. The #3 link brings you to a page that has links to the information you need to make an educated decision about whether oral chelation is for you, or a loved one. Once on this website you can go anywhere you want - but because heart disease is the #1 cause of death, and because so many people do not know the health and heart benefits of oral chelation, I recommend that you go here first. FYI, I use their Basic formula as a preventative. If you have questions, click "Contact Us" on the bottom of the page, last link on the right. You will get an answer, and very quickly.


Valuable Resources Main Page   Health Information   Health Products
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