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With so many health sites on the Internet, it's easy to become confused, especially when there is so much conflicting and contradictory health material. I've chosen the information sites below for the following reason...

  • They provide extensive, comprehensive health information, written in plain language for both laymen and professionals.
  • Though some of these sites also sell products, they accept no outside funding. Therefore, their information is not compromised by any companies or agencies that may have an agenda.
  • Most importantly, many of the facts they reveal are not generally shared with the public through the usual media sources, even though they are vital to your health.

At the bottom of these Resources are links to some of my webpages - one with quick and easy stress reduction techniques and another for FREE Health Reports on important health topics that most people know little or nothing about.

Note: Too much information can be overwhelming, so you may want to visit these sites and read a little at a time. But DO visit them; some of the information can be life-saving!

http://hsionline.com - the site of Health Sciences Institute - their tagline is "dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in underground medicine."

That's a promise HSI keeps. Their urgent alerts are FREE, short, to the point and bring you important, often vital, well-research and documented information. HIS's panel of experts consists of MDs, NDs, DCs, DDSs, PhDs and other alternative health professionals.

The site offers much FREE information, including "urgent e-Alerts" that I recommend you sign up for, and free services, such as "Find a Doc." You can also sign up as a Member and have access to a additional research data and services. The menu links at the top of the page clearly direct you. You may want to visit e-alert archives, which is among the free services offered on the site.

http://www.wddty.com - "wddty" stands for "What Doctors Don't Tell You." WDDTY offers two services - An online health database, with more than 23 years of health research and information, plus a monthly magazine, available in stores across the UK, to which you can subscribe. WDDTY was started by Lynne McTaggart, award-winning journalist and author of "The Field," and her journalist husband. Lynne had suffered a mysterious illness for several years and WDDTY grew out of their frustration with conventional medicine, and a desire to tell others about its shortcomings and dangers.

WDDTY is a membership site. However, you can register FREE and read articles on the site and receive their newsletter magazine. Free membership is a very valuable resource, and you can also upgrade to a paying membership and have access to more in-depth health information.

http://www.mercola.com - According to Alexa Natural Health Website rankings, this is "the World's #1 Natural Health Website." Dr. Mercola is an osteopathic physician (DO). DOs are licensed to prescribe medication and perform surgery in all states, but tend to have a more holistic approach to health. Dr. Mercola is primarily interested in preventing illness. While his main focus is nutrition, his articles and interviews with scientists and other experts cover many health issues.

This is an information-packed website, with many products (a portion of profits go to several non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting health freedom). The main reason I include it as a Valuable Resource is Dr. Mercola's exceptional e-newsletter, with video interviews, and a short synopsis of the health issue. If you're looking for something and many links and so much information on the site overwhelms you, don't leave the site -- use the search bar and type in the health topic you're interested in. Be sure to subscribe to his FREE e-newsletter.

http://www.doctoreisenstein.com - This is the website of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH. His credentials are unusual, for he has been a practicing medical doctor for over 39 years in the Chicago area, he has a Masters Degree in Public Health, and he is also an attorney. (I imagine he got a law degree so he would be able to help avoid government interference in matters of personal health). Read his bio, and be sure to click "Homefirst" on the top menu. It has the same menu options as the original website, with two important additions: Registration for his excellent FREE e-Newsletter and a Contact Page. Here you can email the doctor and receive a reply (I know from personal experience that he personally replies), and you can also request a "live chat."

Dr. Eisenstein is a strong advocate of vaccination education and choice. He has treated over 50,000 children who have had no or minimal vaccinations. While figures for autism, asthma, allergies, respiratory illness and diabetes continue to climb in vaccinated children, his unvaccinated patients do not have these health problems.

http://www.nvic.org - This is the National Vaccination Information Center. Concern over vaccinations is growing, along with health issues that many doctors and researchers claim are directly related to vaccinations -- especially, but not limited to, vaccinations given to infants.

One of the main problems is the huge amount of shots an infant receives. In the early 1950s, there were four vaccines. By the mid 1980s there were 7; children received 5 shots by the time they were 2 years old, and only one at a visit. However, since the 1980s, many vaccines have been added. Now, children can receive as many as 24 shots by 2 years of age and five shots in a single visit. This site has very important eye-opening, well-researched and verified information about vaccinations. Read this information before consenting to vaccinations for yourself or your children.

http://www.organicconsumers.org - The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online grassroots non-profit public interest organization that campaigns for health, justice, and sustainability. OCA deals with essential issues, such as food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering (GMO), children's health, corporate accountability, fair trade, and other important topics.

It is the only U.S. organization dedicated to the views and interests of the nation's estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers. There is a request to donate on the site, but you do not have to donate or be a member to have access to critical information. In addition to the many excellent well-researched articles on the site (all written in layman's language), there is an excellent "search bar" on the upper left to use for your questions on food quality, toxins, etc., such as: "Which baby foods have the most pesticide residue?" "What's wrong with fluoridated water?"

http://www.worstpills.org - This is a website of Public Citizen's Health Research Group, where you can check information on prescription and non-prescription drugs. Some information is FREE, and in-depth information and Reports on just about every drug and some food supplements are for subscribers ($15 a year). There is a search bar on the first page for everyone to use. Since iatrogenic disease (drug and medically caused) is the third leading cause of death in the US, if you or family members take prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, you owe it to yourself or them to find out about these drugs on this site.

On this page the first headline is "Drug-induced cognitive impairment." Symptoms of mental decline, especially in older people, are often the direct results of their drugs, some of which are not even necessary.

http://foodbabe.com - This is the clever and informative blog of a young food activist, Vani Hari, known as "Food Babe." During a serious illness, Vani came to the conclusion that "There's something seriously wrong with what I've been doing and what I've been eating," and at the age of 22, she decided to make health her number one priority. By doing her homework, she recovered her health, and made some shocking discoveries about our food, the food industry and fast foods. She then decided to share what she learned, and continues to learn, in her enjoyable, thought-provoking blog where she reveals the "good guys" (who care about health) and the "bad." Vani has been instrumental in getting large food companies to reform some of their practices, and she drew massive media attention by standing up with a "Label GMOs" sign in the front row of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Visit her blog to find out more about Vani, and the quality (or lack of) of the food you're eating. Also go to Dr. Mercola interviews Food Babe for her fascinating interview.

Stress Relief - This page on my website gives you many effective, quick and easy ways to release stress. Releasing stress is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health. These stress-releasers come from my "Dynamic Self-Healing Manuals," which are currently out of print.

Health Secrets Reports - This link leads you to my Free Health Reports #1 and #2, full of valuable, life-changing (often life-saving) information that is not generally known.

Health Report #1 is about a natural supplement with 77 worldwide patents, including method of use for treatment and prevention of cancer, and a patent pending for anti-aging. While it is certainly not the only vital supplement, I consider this product to be the most important health product on the planet.

Health Report #2 is about a huge, often ignored, underlying cause of disease - the imbalance between the friendly and unfriendly microbes that live in our body. Did you know that your body is home to 20 times more microbial cells than human cells? The friendly bacteria (friendly flora) are good for us, and act as a secondary immune system. But the unfriendly ones can create havoc with our health. Health Report #2 not only tells you about the problem, it also tells you what to do about this serious health challenge.

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