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Do You Microwave Your Food?

Do you know that microwave ovens, even those that have been improved, destroy some of the nutritional value of the food? Did you know that they cause free radical activity that affects the blood almost immediately?

Most people use microwave ovens, and considering the convenience, it's no wonder. Wouldn't it be great if there is a way of NOT destroying the nutritional value and not creating free radical activity in the blood?

Well, thanks to one of the most ethical companies I know of, there IS a way - a very affordable product to protect your food and you and your family from the usual destruction caused by microwave ovens. This easy-to-use unique product is needed in every home with a microwave oven.

What Is Wrong With Microwave Ovens?

In case you are not familiar with "why" microwave ovens are so damaging, read on. Otherwise, you can go directly to the site to find out more. When you do, I'm sure you'll want to place your order. (Links are below)

Microwave Ovens have created some of the most intense negative energies destructive to living organisms. They function by agitating sugars, water and oils in foods with negative electron spin. These structures hold these health compromising negative energies, which then enter our bloodstream, corrupting the environment around the blood cells and the blood cells themselves. The significant free radical damage should be avoided or neutralized. Those who care about their health and know these truths have stopped using microwave ovens altogether.

Unfortunately, most people today still use their microwave ovens every day, compromising the bodies of those they love most. Convenience has overtaken good sense. For these people, we now have the Harmony Bricks, small and unobtrusive for use in your microwave. They minimize any negative energies retained in the food or liquids heated in a microwave.

You can order one Harmony Brick or a set of two (two are recommended). Place two bricks in each of the back corners of your microwave oven. Popcorn, leftovers, and hot beverages can now be heated with minimal retention of the damaging negative energies, even structural DNA damage appears to be minimized.

You can view the Harmony Bricks, find out more about them and place your order at this site.

Click 2nd link under "Products" on left menu (New Products and Top Sellers). Scroll down and you will see the bricks. OR you can directly go here for a set of two Harmony Bricks, or directly go here for a single Harmony Brick.

Harmony Bricks come with the company's Six Month Money Back Guarantee. Your assurance of performance and results as promised.


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